Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Puppy dogs and little boys

That is white puppy. White puppy has gone everywhere Michael has gone since white puppy was bigger than Michael. He loves that dog. And while white puppy isn't nearly as white as he once was, he's a much beloved family pet. He goes camping with us every year, and as you can see, even if he's hangning by his tail, he even goes to the fourth of July breakfast with us too.

Michael has wanted a dog for as long as he's loved white puppy. Unfortunately for him, we attempted dog ownership before he was born and it just didn't work out too well. Cats are much more my speed. Slow. I figure if I can keep up with five kids and two cats, we are all doing pretty good.

Yesterday, the kids dissappeared outside and I didn't see them for quite some time. Hallelujah, I thought, they have finally caught the vision! Then Michael opens the back door and in comes a dog. I was out of my seat in an instant, hollering at Michael to get the dog out of the house before the cats saw him. Of course the dog cooperates by running through my house in any direction opposite of a door. I finally shoo the dog out the front door and turn to see my big, fat cat, Don Juan, shaking with his tail about two sizes too big. Poor cat. The kids have done some pretty ornery things to the cats, but that was by far the worst! After getting over the shock myself, I asked Michael what in the world he thought he was going to do with a dog in the house. He informed me that he was going to take him up to his room and maybe feed him something. I found out that he "caught" the dog and intended to keep him. Well, the kids played with the dog outside until the dog ran off. They even named him Bud. Michael cried when the dog took off. The poor kid just really thinks he needs a live dog. Apparently white puppy isn't enough anymore, although he will have to suffice for now. The cats would have a heart attack if there were a dog constantly present! At least he had his own dog for a whole afternoon!

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