Saturday, July 26, 2008

The slowest checker on the planet!

The kids go back to school on Monday, so amongst the craziness of returning from our trip, I have been running errands like a mad woman. By the time we had survived Walmart, Odessa was done and I was on the lookout for the shortest line. What I didn't know is that I chose the slowest checker on the planet. By the time I realized he was slow, I figured that if I switched lines, it would probably take more time than if I just stayed put. I think I was wrong. The lady in front of me wanted her stuff split into two orders, which must have been beyond the checker's abilities. When it was finally my turn, Odessa had started throwing a fit and wanted down, so I sent Andrew with her to put her on all the coin rides. Minus a coin. She doesn't care, she's one! The slowest checker on the planet proceeded to check each item, and then inspect it. He wanted to know if the dress I bought for Lillie was a shirt or a dress. Then he discovered that there was no tag. I figured I'd die in line if he tried to find out how much it was, so I told him not to worry about it. At one point I almost climbed across the checkstand and took over. When he finally got to the end of my order, I looked up and realized that all the other lines that previously had two or three people in each, were now completely vacant. Lillie had brought Odessa back to me and she had proceeded to climb up and down me, while throwing herself backwards simultaneously. I was overjoyed to finally have a total so I could pay and go. It was truly a miracle! So if you go to Walmart any time soon, be on the lookout for the slowest checker on the planet. If he's having a bad day, you might just die in line!


Dwight said...

Maybe your checker didn't participate in the group Wal*Mart hug to start the day! Or maybe he was a fifth grade dropout. As the manager in St. G. said after complaining about spending 25 minutes waiting for a checker to check me out, "We just can't hire enough Associates." These are NOT checkers. They Are Associates! First big mistake: Going to Wal*Mart. It wasn't the new one, was it? that one has actually been pretty decent.

Stacey said...

Sadly, it was the new one. I do try to avoid Wal*Mart at all costs, but it's just so darn convenient when I can kill so many birds with one stone. Taking five kids shopping is no joy! And I will forever be on the lookout for an "associate" named Jason!