Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Michael and the Tooth Fairy

Michael has had a very eventful week! First dogs, now teeth! He lost his first tooth yesterday, but it wasn't of his own accord. It all started a couple of years ago at Grandma's house. One Sunday evening, after being told NOT to jump off the couches in the basement, he came upstairs bloody and crying. Yup, he jumped off the couches and hit his face against the coffee table. He bit through his bottom lip and we got to go to the ER to get stitches. We didn't notice his tooth right off. It was probably a few days later that I noticed that it looked a little funny. It was nothing we worried about, but over the last two years it got gradually grayer and shorter than his other front tooth. And so yesterday, after getting his teeth cleaned, it was determined that it needed to come out! He did great, no tears or anything, and he now has a slightly toothless grin which will stay that way until his adult teeth finally come in.

I have to preface the next part by saying that I am the world's worst tooth fairy. I can't even count how many times the tooth fairy has come late to our house. My brain shuts off at 9 p.m. and apparently remembering to be tooth fairy is included in my lack of brain function after that hour.

So my poor son comes crying into my bedroom at 7 a.m. to tell me that the tooth fairy forgot him. After rubbing the sleep from my eyes and trying to remember what it feels like to be awake, I told him that he got up too early and the tooth fairy just hadn't made it to our house yet. (I've had to use this excuse a few times.) Unfortunately, he went back to bed to wait for the tooth fairy. I had to very carefully slip my hand under his pillow and make the change, while he was laying there. I gave him a buck, so hopefully that makes up for completely forgetting to be the tooth fairy. But I've probably ruined his faith in the tooth fairy! When he grows up, he can explain to his shrink how I ruined all of my children by being a crummy tooth fairy!

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Julia said...

Evelyn bumped her teeth last year really hard... the dentist straightened one of them that was pushed way back but said that the other was fun. well, the one he straightened has continued to grow, but the other one is small and gray. Makes me wonder if the tooth fairy will have to be visiting our house before the usual age.