Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Like a moth to a flame

That's what clean floors are to children. (Can you tell that I am constantly battling the floor?) They absolutely MUST walk across the floor, when it's still wet, because they HAVE to have something on the other side.

It's also the same if you tell them to go play outside. It inspires the need to pee, get a drink or otherwise be inside the house. It amazes me. The sad thing is, if I didn't tell them to go outside and play, they might never notice it's summer time.

Clean clothes are the same. As soon as they are clean, they must get them all wet, dirty, and spill all foods down their fronts. Thus ending their state of cleanliness and providing constant work for a mom that apparently has nothing else to do but harass them about being in the house, walking on the wet floor and spilling everything they eat down their little fronts.

I love my children. And someday, they will have children. There are just rewards!!

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