Friday, January 25, 2008


My children don't understand what this means. Every morning when I send them upstairs to get ready for school, I say, "Be quiet please. Your siblings are still sleeping." Not two minutes later, I hear drawers slamming shut, doors closing loudly and usually I hear fighting. So I go upstairs and say to them, "What did I tell you about being quiet?" Looking at the floor, "Be quiet." Grrrrr! So do it! But alas, they inevitably wake up one, if not all the other sleeping children. I just wish they had to deal with their crankiness the rest of the day like I do. Maybe then they'd learn what BE QUIET really means!!


Erica said...

This is the story of my every morning as well. Morgan & Gavin get ready for school at the same time (which always seems to involve some kind of a fight between them about toothpaste, or cleaning up after themselves, or whatever else they can think of). Meanwhile, in the next room, Ethan is still trying to sleep. I cross my fingers every morning that they don't wake him up. He's down to one nap during the day, and every minute of his sleep is now a precious jewel to me!!!

Stacey said...

My kids are the same,it's like talking to a brick wall. Inevitably one of them yells and the other yells back,"mom said to be quiet,gosh!!"