Friday, January 4, 2008

My childrn are deaf!

I think all four of the older ones, (the verdict is still out on the baby) were born with hearing problems. And it seems to get worse with age. It never fails. I give them directions, and they either don't do them at all, or only do part of them. Then when I ask them, they act as though I haven't spoken! For example:

Mom: "Go get your shoes and coat on. Go to the bathroom and get in the car."

The kids hear: Something about shoes and car.

At the store, one of the kids will say: "I have to go to the bathroom."

Mom: "I told you to go before we left. Did you go?"

Kid: Blank stare "Uhhhhhh, I don't think so." Then a mad dash to the restroom!

When A went to Kindergarten, they did their usual hearing tests. And he actually failed! I felt so bad because all that time I thought he just had selective hearing. So he got tubes put in, and for a few months he heard me just fine. Then he went to first grade and failed again. Once again I felt bad that I thought he just had selective hearing. After another round of tubes, I crossed my fingers and he actually passed his school hearing test! So now that he's in third grade, he and his siblings, who have also passed hearing tests, just have the most fabulous selective hearing ever!! It never ceases to amaze me.

So for now, until this selective thing is remedied, I am making everyone repeat the directions I give them. It's a tad annoying and the kids like to roll their eyes at me. But it's amazing how often we have to repeat things back and forth until they get it!

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