Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I saw the sun!!

In a land where the sun rarely shines in the winter, I caught a glimpse the other day. It wasn't just the possibility of the sun with rays trickling through the dense muck, but the sun itself. I ran inside holding my baby, (too cold outside to really enjoy it) and smashed our bodies up to the sliding glass door to soak in some Vitamin D. My five year old, Michael, started laughing and asked what I was doing. I told him that I was soaking in some Vitamin D and he came and put his face on the warm glass with me. I was afraid it would go away quickly because I could see foreboding clouds in the distance. So we just stood there, the three of us against the glass, soaking in the rays. I called my mother to tell her to hurry or she'd miss the sun and she enjoyed it with me for a moment. (Thanks mom!!) In my old age, I will definitely be a snow bird. These mucky sunless winters are hard for me! I see the sun again this morning and have opened all the blinds. I know it won't be long before it's gone, so I'd better go enjoy it!


lori said...

I was inspired by this post yesterday so Ella and I took advantage of the small time the sun was out, opened the blinds all the way, and laid on the bed like cats soaking up the rays and pretending it was warm outside. It was very nice. Now if we can just survive until it really is warm outside!

Susan said...

Your blogs always make me smile. I enjoyed enjoying the sun with you the other day. Maybe I can grow up to be a snowbird!