Monday, January 28, 2008

The Sunday disaster

It seems that no matter how hard I work on Saturday, or how much I try, by the end of Sunday the house is a disaster. We hurry to get to church, we hurry to go to Grandma's, or we just laze around the house. But no matter what, I wake up to a disaster on Monday morning wondering where my nice clean house went. The children are required to clean their bedrooms on Saturday, and sometimes it lasts a day or two, but I can almost guarantee that by this time tomorrow, I won't be able to walk through their bedrooms. I wish my house would just stay in a state of cleanliness! How nice would that be?

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Erica said...

Amen sister! I feel as though I spend the majority of my time cleaning up after the tornadoes I call my children!!! I think if I could get rid of laundry, I could handle the rest, no problem. But that pesky laundry, it's NEVER gone!