Sunday, January 13, 2008


I survived! I survived getting ready and arriving shortly before 9a.m. I survived the children poking each other, pulling hair, throwing shoes, hitting and squirming through Sacrament meeting. I survived the baby wanting to eat twelve times during church. (OK, so it wasn't that many, it just felt that way.) I even survived playing the piano in two meetings, and for choir practice after church. I survived!!

Did I learn anything? Well, that's another question entirely. I learned that the hall class is going full swing this year. I learned that Katherine likes her nursery teacher. (I peeked during the hall class.) I learned that if I forget to take two cars so I can stay after church, we can run home during Sunday school and the children will all be fine.

Why go to church? Days like today, that's a very good question! Today I went for my children. I went so they could learn the gospel and feel the spirit. I learned a little at the end of Relief Society. Just enough to tide me over a little. There's always hope that next week will be less chaotic. And I know someday, I'll be an old lady and get all the learning I want! But by then, I'll probably be oogling all the cute babies and remembering when I couldn't get a darn thing out of church. And I would even venture to say that perhaps I'll miss those days!!

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Patty said...

I have had so many of those days at church, now I am just in the nursery.