Tuesday, January 1, 2008

"But mom...

I didn't have enough time to do anything!" This is what my eight year old son said to me shortly after midnight last night when I informed him it was time for bed. It mad me think. How many years end and we feel like we didn't have enough time to do anything? Or maybe it's just that we feel like we didn't use our time to do something that really mattered.

So this year, instead of calling them New Year's resolutions, I have made some personal goals that happen to coincide with the New Year. Some are mundane goals, like losing weight. ( I think nearly everyone has this one. Thus the influx of people at my gym in January.) Other goals are simple ones, like enjoy my kids more and let the little things go. They are little for such a short time. I also have a goal of writing more and journaling more. I'd also like to go through all my old digital pictures and make books so I have a hard copy for the children to look at. They love to look at themselves!

I hope that I can look back at 2008 and not have to say, "But mom, I didn't have time to do anything!!" I hope that I can learn from my eight year old and make wise use of my time so that I can look back, satisfied, and say, "I did all I could and wanted to do and, darn it, I'm proud of myself!!" Happy New Year and my this year bring much happiness and joy to you!

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