Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Baby paraphernalia

They always come out with new stuff each time I've had a baby. So I thought I would list my favorites and where you can find them! This time around I tried a fitted pouch sling and I absolutely LOVE it! You can find them at hostlings.com. I really don't know how I had four other children without one. Odessa loves that she can be with me and I love that I still have two hands! The next item that I love is my saucer. I've had it with all of my kids and they are great. But with Odessa, I also bought the rainforest jumper. The link is super long, but if you go to Target.com and search for the rainforest jumper you can find it. Odessa loves to jump and she's a crackup to watch in it! One of my other new favorite things are these cool bows that are made from tights. They are adorable! You can find them at babyblingbows.com. There's also a list of local stores on there in case there's one in your area! The funny thing about my girls wearing things like this is that if Dad gets a hold of them, the bow comes off because, "It looks like it hurts her head!" This happened Sunday and I had to go retrieve the bow and put it back on! Silly Dad! The last thing I'm going to list a link for, I haven't actually used, but I'm patiently waiting my order. They are called crawler covers and are like leg warmers for babies. They are adorable and I think will work quite well for my little crawler. I bought mine at http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5043139&section_id=5281526&show_panel=true&show_panel=true So there you have it! Those are some of my favorite items this go around! I'm sure there will be a bunch more next time! (Did I say next time? ;)

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