Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Player one

I have a closet that we keep all of our games in. They are stacked on top of each other and are up high because I don't want the children to get them out at will. I learned that if that happens then I have game pieces all over my house. So I put them up high. At one point in time, probably when we first moved into our house, they were all nice and neat and organized. Now, two years later, they are skewed and slightly falling down. There's a voice among all the games that will announce that "Player one has six points and player two has four points." This voice sometimes makes his announcement after a game has been haphazardly shoved back into the closet. However, sometimes, the voice from beyond will randomly declare the points. Why haven't I gone searching for the voice? Because it would requires some serious organization, and I've learned that because I am trying to fix it, it will be on the bottom! And so, from time to time, the children will ask, "Mom, what was that voice?" I just tell them it's a game in the closet and they go on their merry way. One day, maybe player one will have some more points, but not until Mom decides it's worth the effort to find 'The voice'!

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