Monday, February 18, 2008

I'm not moving to Africa!

Although I'd like to sometimes! Odessa has entered the time in her life when I must often tell her that I'm not moving to Africa, I'm just walking into the other room. She does really well playing, unless I get up and attempt to do anything productive. At that point, she cries and crawls after me. The other children think it's funny when I inform her that I'm not moving to Africa, but I've uttered the same words to each of them in turn!


Erica said...

This situation is all too familiar! It was the worst when Ethan was teething. He would follow me around bawling. Heaven forbid I left a room even for just a second. We've finally made it past that phase. He still follows me, which is fine....but he comes with much less whining!!

Susan said...

I'm not moving to Africa either even though Steven is 17!