Sunday, February 24, 2008

The sneaky snacker

That's what I've become. I save all the really yummy things for when the kids aren't looking. I just barely finished off a Haagen Dazs ice cream bar. The kids were glued to the TV and I knew I had limited time. At any second one of them could have caught me and then all I'd hear is, "I want one!!" So I've become the sneaky snacker. I snack when they aren't looking. And after they go to bed, watch out Ben and Jerry, here I come! It's such a bad, bad habit! But I can't afford to let them have the good stuff, and I'm unwilling to eat the cheap stuff. So until they are all gone from home, I will continue to be a sneaky snacker!!


Erica said...

Our lives seem more and more similar every day! My latest snack has been those caramel filled drumsticks. As soon as the kids headed downstairs to enjoy a little movie time, I enjoyed a little junk food time! I really need to stop since my goal is to get into shape before summer (this is my goal every year!).
Enjoy your snacks! Sometimes they're all you have!!

Stacey said...

Ok that is SO me! LOL