Thursday, February 14, 2008

Snow angels

There are only a few times when the amount of children I have really stands out. One of them is when the kids want to go play in the snow. I have all their snow clothes in a big plastic tub that I pull out when they want to play. But then it's just chaos. I make everybody go to the bathroom first, so they fight about who goes first. Then I start directing...Put your snowpants on. Yes you have to put on snowpants before you put your boots on. Where's your gloves? I just had them out on top of your coat. Now you can put your boots on. Come here so I can tuck you in...Then I spend the next ten minutes tucking everyone and everything in so snow doesn't creep in where it doesn't belong. By now, they are hot and sweaty and ready to go. I can only get one of them done at a time, so as soon as someone is dressed I send them out the door. When I finally get the last one outside, I breathe a huge sigh of relief. Then I hear a knock on the door. I open it to see one of them (pick one) standing there with a glove off. "Mom, can you put my glove back on?" Sure. The glove is back on, out you go. Five minutes go by and I hear the door. I yell, "Don't walk through the house with your boots on." I hear feet stop halfway to the kitchen and go back to the door. Then I hear, "Mom, Andrew hit me in the face with a snowball!" "Ok, I'll come talk to him." It goes on like this for another half hour. The door opens and closes with complaints of gloves coming off again, and children getting pushed by their siblings or other similar complaints. Then I finally hear, "Mom, I'm cold. Can I come in?" Sigh. Ok fine! So I go help the children, who either overwhelm me all at once or trickle bak in one at a time, undress. I try to contain all the wetness in one area, all the while keeping track of gloves, hats, socks and all the other parts required for snow play!! In the end, they are cold, wet and in dire need of hot chocolate. Boy do I wish it would stop snowing!

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