Monday, February 25, 2008

Stupid winter

I'm all for snow and winter. But only for like a month! This winter has seemed eternal and longer than necessary. I escaped to Vegas and saw that there is hope spring will eventually get here. But I'm afraid it may still be months before I see any of my bulbs poking up through the ground. I'm anxious to be able to send the children outside to play. I love being able to banish them outside! I love my flowers and working in my garden. I blame the continuing long winter on that stupid groundhog! What does he know anyway?

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Andrea Sipe said...

HAHA!! The glorious groundhog knoweth ALL!!! :) tee-hee!!! One thing nice about living in AZ is that winter is the PERFECT time to banish your kids outside. Though, I do have to say that during the summer, when they're bored and screaming at each other, you risk 2nd-3rd degree burns by sending them outside . . . oh well . . . I guess I'll just have to keep plenty of Aloe-Vera on-hand. HAHA!!