Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Adventures in diaper changing

As with all motherhood, diaper changing goes through stages. The initial newborn stage consists of poop leaking up their backs, out their legs and all over their clothing and the most opportune times. (Such as while you are walking out the door, already late to wherever you are going, or while you are out to dinner and have nothing else to put them in.) Then you graduate to the stage of the rolling baby. Keeping them still long enough to change the diaper is a challenge, but don't worry, it will get worse. We are currently in the 'catch me if you can' diaper changing stage. It's special. Odessa has mastered the roll away and crawl quickly skill. It's not so bad when she's just wet, although she has peed on the carpet a time or two. It's when she's poopy that it's a real problem. Usually it goes something like this; I finally wrestle her to the diaper changing mat, get the diaper off and begin to wipe, all the while fighting off her hands so she doesn't stick them in the poop. Then I hold onto one leg while she wriggles, screams and does contortionist tricks while trying one handed to get a diaper on her. Once the diaper is actually on, good luck getting her clothes back on. That's a whole other post in itself. I know we will graduate on to other special diaper changing stages. Including, but not limited to: The run away stage, the I can take my diaper off myself stage, and finally the mom thinks I'm too big for diapers but I won't go in the toilet stage. All I have to say is...motherhood is full of lovely tasks!

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