Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Oodles and oodles of boogers

That's what Odessa has, oodles of boogers. Gross. I know. Believe me, I know. Everything I wear gets boogered*. My parents always said they should have invested in the Kleenex company. I think Odessa wants to make sure another generation of parents feels the same way. I feel her pain. I have perma-congestion this time of year due to the lovely trees that are budding their brains out right now.

She detests having her nose wiped. Even with boogers oozing down her cute little face, she sees a tissue and immediately starts doing the head dodge*. Then she cries and screams as though I have amputated her nose instead of merely wiping it. I'm pretty sure my poor baby has allergies just like her mother. But it's kind of hard to convince the gym daycare of that when I drop her off. I just wipe her nose really good before I leave and then pray she doesn't sneeze for the next hour. Then I go and run really fast!

I keep hoping that one day we won't live in the land of boogers*. I hope that sometime soon my sweet baby won't be dripping boogers. She's so cute otherwise! One of these days...

Boogered-what happens when a baby with oodles of boogers rubs her face into mommy's clean clothes.

Head dodge-quicly moving head back and forth so that mom's attempt at wiping boogers ends with merely smearing them all over the face. The head dodge is considered successful if no contact is made with the actual nose.

Land of boogers-a home that is littered with used tissue for months at a time.

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