Friday, May 2, 2008

If you want a hot breakfast...

Don't come to my house! Breakfast for me always has been, and always will be, various flavors of cold cereal. Or occasionally instant oatmeal. My children have thus followed suit. Except recently Andrew has decided that he wants over-easy eggs for breakfast. The first time he asked me if he could have them, my response was; sure, if you make them yourself. I thought this would be a deterrant, as it deters me. Hence the cold cereal. But no, my enterprising 8 year old got out a pan, butter and eggs and proceeded to attempt to make himself over-easy eggs. He did pretty good the first time, however I did take pity on him and help him a bit. It's now a week later and he has successfully learned the art of making over-easy eggs, by himself. I don't think I learned to do it right until I was married. Maybe he'll become a chef and save me from the woes of cooking in my old age. And they smell so good. It almost makes me rethink my dedication to my cold cereal breakfasts. Almost.


Anonymous said...


I wish I had been as enterprising when I was that old, perhaps I was, but I just lost it when I figured out what television was later in life.

As far as the cereal is concerned, I think that is inherent in your genes since your sister will eat cereal but the box. Let's just say that Smith's 8 for $8, or any other type of cereal sale was specifically made for us.

Anyway, rock on Andrew.

-- Chad

The Gordons said...

hehehe... I'm a cold cereal mama here too.

sarah said...

I'm SO HAPPY to hear I'm not the only cold cereal mom!