Monday, May 5, 2008

The kitchen floor

This morning I feel like complaining. So I'm going to complain about my kitchen floor. It's always ookie. And I mean always. Even if it's been swept, mopped and polished recently. Somehow the kids have a radar that senses the cleanliness and they instantly spill something sticky or create a large crumb mess. I should probably mop daily, but I usually only do it once a week. And it will stay in the same sticky state until I mop. Then, within 24 hours, it's back to the sticky mess it was before. It's one of many things that I wonder why I go to all the effort of ever cleaning it. Of course I know the answer is that I do it because I can't stand it. The kids don't notice, and bless my sweet husband's heart, he doesn't notice either. He also doesn't notice when it's clean. Although, if I've gone through a bad spell with cleaning, he'll say something like, "Wow the house is REALLY clean today." It's so sad. That's only when it's been like two weeks since I've done major cleaning. The daily stuff he doesn't notice too much. Neither do the kids. I do it so I don't go insane. But today is laundry day, not mop the floor day. So I'll probably stare at the sticky floor for a few more days, all the while avoiding the sticky spots and attempting to sweep several times a day. *Sigh*

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sarah said...

OH man! This is a BIG source of frustration for me! Its so hard to take the time to clean all the floors and then have them get messy almost instantly. And I have A LOT of tile so it almost kills me to get it done in the first place! :)