Sunday, May 11, 2008

Reflections on running... a former non-runner.

I think I had a breakthrough yesterday. After running a tad begrudgingly for the past several months, I've managed to work my way up to running a little over three miles two to three times a week. I don't necessarily enjoy it, but I have learned not to hate it either. But yesterday, I enjoyed it and I accidentally ran 4.41 miles. How do you accidentally run that far? I think it happens when you are actually enjoying running. While I still claim that people are insane for running a marathon, and I still swear I never will, for the first time yesterday I could see how someone could. It was such a beautiful morning. It was quiet and the weather was perfect. I think my body went on autopilot and I just ran wherever I wanted to go. Thanks to current technology, I wear a watch that tells me how far I've gone and how fast I've run. But yesterday for the first time I didn't obsess the whole time about how far I had gone and how soon I could head home. I just went. It was amazing to me! And while I am sore and a little stiff today (yes I did stretch!), and I have no plans of running that far again any time soon, I am competing in my first triathlon next Saturday. I think I was a little crazy when I signed up for it, but I've worked hard and I am getting excited! So for all of you who swear you will never be a runner...never say never!!!

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