Monday, November 16, 2009

Messy Monday

Welcome to the return of Messy Monday! Last week I was a little under the weather and took a hiatus from Messy Monday. The whole house was Messy. It was a tad depressing. But I'm better and Messy Monday is back!

This week's Messy Monday is brought to you in part by shoes. Shoes and socks will be the death of me. (The laundry may help.) I've tried to organize them, but they seem to multiply in the night. They go in the baskets. The flaw is that when one of the kids can't find a shoe, they chuck the rest of the shoes out of the basket onto the floor. And of course they don't put them back. Before long, it's a hazard getting out the garage door.

Where's your mess today?


Stacey said...

The exact same thing happens at my house. I have 2 baskets by the garage door,one for the boys and one for Brianna. Even when the boys are looking for shoes,they dump out Brianna's basket for good measure. ARGH!!

Lori said...

We have that problem too. Why is it always by the garage door. So funny!

Julia said...

My shoe bin isn't near the garage door...a garage is just a dream for me. However, we have liked our 'shoe bin.' (As you may have seen on my blog). It is one of those Target square shelves with the fabric bins. Each child has their own basket for their shoes... so USUALLY they don't all get dumped and USUALLY they can find the shoes they are looking for. Works for now, probably not forever.