Friday, November 6, 2009

Mommy Brain

Once upon a time there was a very smart lady. One day, she had kids. Then that very smart lady was very forgetful and occasionally a little ditzy. Her friends would whisper when she did something silly. The lady thought they were cruel, but they were really just telling each other a truth.

"That lady has mommy brain," they would say.

"Poor lady, now she's just like the rest of us."

I sometimes joke that I pushed the rest of my brain cells out with my sixth child. I'm only partially joking. I do things now that I never did before. I can't ever remember the date, and even when I do, I get it wrong about half the time. I told someone yesterday that I was sure it was November 6th because it's my Dad's birthday. My Dad's birthday is on the 5th, which was yesterday. I rock.

I lose my keys on a regular basis. Although, I partially blame children for that one. A certain two-year old (cough, O, cough) likes to play with them.

When K was a baby, A was in afternoon Kindergarten and I had to go pick him up. It was during nap time and I was always in a rush waking up kids, changing diapers and getting to the school on time. One day, upon arriving home, I went to get K out of her car seat only to find her completely soaked. I thought she had peed through her diaper. Nope. I had forgotten to put a diaper on her. Who does that? I had actually forgotten to diaper my baby. Lovely.

I leave my cell phone at home regularly. Apparently getting everyone AND a cell phone in the car is a near impossibility.

If it's not written on the calendar, then it doesn't happen. And even if it is written on the calendar, I still sometimes miss things. I can't seem to remember to send L to her church activity every other Friday. It's on my calendar, but I must not be able to read on Friday.

I've learned, however, that I'm not alone. I just have Mommy Brain. I think it's all the hormones, lack of sleep, and chaos from children that causes it. I think it's irreversible brain damage.

Mothers, just realize that when they hand you your beautiful newborn babe, they are also handing you your brain.


Anonymous said...

I had to laugh at this. I like to think it is reversible but have no evidence to base this on. I used to hold down a very responsible job. Hell, I have represented people facing the death penalty. Right now I cannot tell you where my phone is or where my calendar is. I can tell you its friday because it is the end of the week but the date is an elusive mystery. I am sure your children, like mine, are putting your brains to good use and doing well at school. said...

It comes from juggling too many things at once. It ends when your child leaves for college. :)

Dan said...

Great post! Laurie and I loved reading it. Laurie said that she doesn't have Mommy Brain yet, because, really, they haven't handed her her baby yet. (I think she has a minor case already!) :)

ZenMom said...

I hear you mom! When my kids make fun of my forgetfulness, I always say, "My brain's all full."

Jen said...

The number of times over the last couple weeks I've thought of something only to forget it 3 seconds later. The other day, I had this happen 4 times...

In bedroom: We need toilet paper. I should go write it on the shopping list before I forget.

In kitchen 10 SEC LATER: What did did I come in here for?

The Girl Next Door Grows Up said...

I read a few posts and what a great and funny blog! I am from MBC and am following you now!!

I have mommy brain too. I hate it.