Friday, November 27, 2009

Random Thanksgiving thoughts

1. Children think it's a good Thanksgiving when they are allowed to eat popcorn balls for dinner.

2. Nap time should be required and arranged by the household in which Thanksgiving dinner is held. Babysitting should be provided.

3. If the toddler wants to drink milk all day, let her.

4. TV may be used as crowd control for the 20 plus children in attendance.

5. If you can't find Dad, he's probably taking a nap.

6. Having your wedding anniversary on Thanksgiving is anti-climatic. And no, we didn't do anything for our anniversary. That's what 12 years does to you.

7. Eat turkey until you need to loosen your pants. The 5K you ran in the morning does not allow you to eat more, it only allows you to feel less guilty when you do.

8. Your house will still look like a tornado struck it upon returning. Just be glad you weren't hosting the party this year.

9. When returning home late at night, put the toddler in her PJ's even if she is unconscious. Otherwise, she will wake up at the crack of dawn and INSIST on wearing her PJ's. You have two choices at this point: insanity, or put the blasted PJ's on her.

10. When it all comes down to it, if everything you own was gone tomorrow, you would still have what is most important: your family. And for that, I am thankful.

1 comment: said...

Happy Anniversary to you!

I used to travel to people's homes with PJ's for my son. This way if he fell asleep on the car ride home, the only project was just to transport him to bed