Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Out on the town!

Friday evening I was anxious to get out of the house. I asked the kids what they wanted to go do.

"Out to dinner!" A suggested.

I had to clarify. I wanted to get out of the house and do something "fun and free." I figured that narrowed it down a bit, but the kids didn't seem to get the "free" part very well. I got suggestions of going to a movie, renting a movie, and Chucke Cheese. The "Fun and Free" concept was not being grasped.

Suddenly, A piped up, "Let's make our OWN restaurant! We can make menus and everything." And so began a lovely evening. The kids spent the next hour making menus. It was leftover night, which worked out perfectly. We had quite a few choices on our menu. M was a tad disillusioned when he found out it was just our family coming to our restaurant and that we wouldn't be charging 'real' money. But he got over it and joined in the fun. We set a nice tablecloth on the table and the kids 'drove' to the restaurant.

I dug out an old shirt with my name on it from my waitress days long ago, and became their waitress. Upon arrival, I was informed that A drove the car, but was pulled over by a cop on the way to the restaurant.

They had a grand time calling me Miss and giggled every time I called them 'Ma'am and Sir'. I got a handsome tip from homemade money and they 'drove' home.

Upon 'returning home' I was informed that as soon as Dad came home, we were going out to dinner too. Dad was a little confused when I told him we were going out for dinner, but once in the garage I explained. So Dad and I had a 'date' of sorts, complete with waitresses and a fabulous cook. It was a ton of fun and a very memorable evening.

A told me later that it was definitely the best "fun and free" idea we had ever had!

So next time you and your kids are itching to get out but need something "fun and free", I highly recommend having an in-home restaurant! What a memory maker!


Lori said...

So cute! What a great idea. That sounds like so much fun! That is something your kids are sure to remember for the rest of their lives.

Melissa said...

VERY cute!!! It sounds like you had a great free, fun evening!

Julia said...

So so Cute! What a fun evening.