Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

St. Patrick's Day isn't a major holiday, but at our house it's just as fun as easter. My children's preschool has a tradition of setting a trap to catch a leprechaun. They never catch one, but the leprechaun always leaves treats for the children. So last year, Michael determined that he should try again at home. He and his siblings set elaborate traps in the basement in hopes of catching a leprechaun at home. And so started a tradition. I just couldn't dissappoint the kids. So I went to the store and bought gold candy and little St. Patrick's Day cups. I left the candy in place of the pennies and cups under their traps. Oh the joy!! They were so excited that they had almost caught a leprechaun. So of course, this year they had to try again. I was able to find these giant chocolate gold coins, along with Rolo's and other gold candy. I also found these cute green cups, which I filled with candy. The children were so excited they could hardly contain themselves. I made it look as though the leprechaun and barely escaped and they have spent the morning discussing the leprechaun's trickiness! Oh, and they discovered green milk for breakfast and decided that was the work of the leprechaun as well. Who am I to disuade them?

And so, with green tattoos and St. Patrick's Day pins, I send my happy, chocolate filled children off to enjoy a holiday that many people forget. My husband warned me last year that I had started something that I couldn't soon quit. But I've decided I'm ok with that! It gives me great joy to see them so happy and excited this morning! Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

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