Thursday, March 6, 2008

The perfect house

Our first home was a split level home and the only bathrooms were on the top level. It was kind of awkward when we had company because my bedrooms weren't always clean and the guest bathroom was also the kids bathroom and was located right by the bedrooms. So I thought that the perfect house would have a half bath on the main floor. Well, now that we are in a new home (which I love by the way) and we have a half bath on the main floor (which I also love), I've decided that when you have small children, the perfect house would have two half baths on the main floor. One for the children and one for guests. My bathroom is always in a state of disarray. It doesn't matter if I cleaned it ten minutes ago or a week ago. There is soap all over the counter, the towel is wadded up on the counter, Katherine's potty chair is in the middle of the floor, there is toilet paper scattered about and hand smudges on walls and light switches. Any guest at my house would be appalled. I try really hard to keep it clean, but they are faster at messing it up than I am at cleaning! So the perfect house would have two half baths on the main floor!!


Erica said...

I agree. We have 3 bathrooms (2 on the main level and one downstairs). Only 1 bathroom is available to company (the other is the master bathroom). I constantly worry about it being clean enough for visitors. I would love to add a little half bath for just that purpose! Maybe we'll get it right in the next house!!

Stacey said...

I would put a sensor system on my guest bathroom so if the kids tried to use it,it would give them a little shock. *snicker*

Susan said...

Two bathrooms on the main floor is genious, although I was in your bathroom and wasn't horrified!