Sunday, March 2, 2008

The human vacuum cleaner

Odessa has entered the babyhood phase of the human vacuum cleaner. You can put her down on the floor and guarantee that if there is anything on the floor, no matter the size, she will find it and immediately put it in her mouth. Even if it is disgusting, she'll just chew on it for a while. I'll eventually notice, dig whatever it is out of her mouth and try not to gag when I see what it is. They say that baby's learn about the world via the mouth, as well as their other senses. I have to wonder what it is they learn via the mouth. That the world tastes kinda icky? Or that if we are sneaky, we can shove all kinds of crap in there and mom might notice eventually. Who needs to start solids slowly to test for allergies when they put all kind of other things in their mouth they are more likely to be allergic to than solid foods? Ah, the joys of motherhood.

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Kirsten said...

Oh I can relate! Colby is a marble stuffer. His Grandma has a marble run at her house and his goal is to stuff as many marbles in his mouth as possible before getting caught!