Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The pinky promise

Somehow, the pinky promise has become a binding thing in my house. I think it was introduced by Lillie and Katherine grabbed hold of the idea. Now everything is done by pinky promises. Katherine is newly potty trained and when I made her go to the bathroom yesterday and she couldn't go I said to her, "I just don't want you to have an accident." To which she replied, "I won't. I pinky promise" and held her little pinky in the air. Later I told her to quit picking her nose and go get a tissue (I know, I'm such a mean mother) and she ignored me. So I swatted her tushie a little and told her to go get a tissue. She continued to ignore me, so I swatted a tad harder and she finally went to get a tissue. After finally blowing her nose, she walked towards me with her pinky in the air, "You not spank my bum again. Pinky promise!" I nearly died laughing! I told her I wouldn't pinky promise, but that I love her tons! Oh the power of the pinky promise!

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Stacey said...

How funny! That is way cute!