Tuesday, March 4, 2008

How to torture your children

1. Make dinner~It's inevitable that someone won't like it and will spend the next hour languishing over the disgusting dinner you have forced on them.
2. Make them clean up after themselves~This has proved successful for many parents as is evident by the crying, sighing and dragging of feet.
3. Tell children to be quiet because the baby is sleeping~This method, while unsuccessful for baby, proves to be torturous for small children who are physically unable to keep the noise level below 10 decibles.
4. Make children clean their rooms, not just shove stuff under their bed~This method may keep them busy for hours with a great deal of crying. If they put all their stuff away, it can take hours
5. Make them go brush their teeth after the cartoons have already started~Ah the sadness that ensues. And yet they still haven't learned to get completely ready for bed before coming downstairs
6. Make children fold and *gasp* put away their own laundry~What kind of parent am I? Oh, the horrors!
7. Take away favorite gaming system after bad behavior~The lamenting can be heard for miles!

There are many ways we parents can torture our children. These are just a few ideas that I have found wildly successful. I'm sure that I will think of more as they continue to grow up. I hope I have been able to share some torture methods that may be useful.

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